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When is a blank canvas not daunting…

Blackboard close up

Solar system ala five year old.

…when it’s a canvas painted with blackboard paint.

My mother had one of those old washing tubs with a wringer when we were kids and spent a lot, of time in the basement doing laundry. Some clever clogs, probably my dad, put a blackboard on the laundry wall so we kids could keep busy while mum wrung the clothes out. It was one of my favourite childhood things and I wanted to provide something similar for my children. I repurposed this large canvas I had kicking around with an unfinished masterpiece on it. I found some blackboard paint for sale and decided to give it a go but I was too afraid to try it on a wall in case it didn’t look good or work well. The canvas looks great with the paint on it and I just keep it in my son’s room at the end of his bed. The other day he surprised me by dragging it out into the lounge and telling me the perfect thing to draw on it was the solar system because space was already black. i love the way his mind works.

Solar system

One morning he told me his heart was broken “the one that loves” he said. I didn’t know what that meant and though I subsequently found out I can’t remember now. You would think I would remember something like that but the strange things that come out of a five year olds mouth are seldom as dramatic when investigated and distilled as they sound. The thing I remember is that I drew a large heart on the board that night when he was asleep and wrote the word love in large letters inside so that when he woke up he would see his heart was full of love again. I told  him the Word Fairy had snuck into his room and left him a word on the blackboard but he said the Word Fairy’s not real because he overheard me telling Dad I wrote it. Doh! The Word Fairy has not struck again since because whenever he draws something new on it she can’t bring herself to wipe it off. Below is a picture of the paint I used by Hudson paint.

Chalkboard paint


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