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Don’t sit on the fence – picket!

Tim Holtz picket fence

Pirate jokes and my new magic white pen

When I first went shopping for the Tim Holtz distress markers I didn’t know what to get because I wasn’t sure if they really were any more special than a felt tip pen and wondered if I really needed them. I limited myself to a few colours that you will see I used on the treasure maps in another post. However after stumbling upon a video demonstrating the white “picket fence”  marker I went back to Scottie Crafts my local scrapping and craft supply store especially to get this secret weapon.

The cool thing about this pen is that not only does it write. And draw on dark or coloured paper and card but it does this neat thing where it goes on invisible then slowly appears as it dries. Very amusing to the small mind of Miss Crafter. I could watch that over and over which is handy because when you’re writing out 12 x lame pirate jokes for goody bag tags there’s plenty of opportunity!

In the foreground are the pirate badge stickers and treasure chest stickers from Printable Party Ideas.  The. Badge file comes with the ability to edit and type in names but you could probably alternatively use the picket fence marker to write names on or at least have a few spares for unexpected guests and do that. With partIes as every Mother knows, flexibility is key.

When it comes to the markers my conclusion is don’t sit on the fence – picket!


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