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I’ve got this one all sewn up – treasure maps

Tim Holtz glass vials

Tim Holtz glass vials

Treasure map glass vial

Treasure hunt maps for glass bottle

Upon discovering the Tim Holtz glass vials hanging in their packet of nine in varying sizes in Scottie Crafts shop I just knew I had to use them for something.  It slowly dawned on me like a sleepy pirate sighting land that these were the perfect receptacles for treasure hunt maps. Now the challenge became how was I going to get them out of the bottle again. More specifically how are twelve-odd sticky handed, sugared up pre-school pirates going to  extract the maps and potentially return them to the bottle again should they so desire.

I solved the problem after a bit of trial and error by sewing a line along the edge of the tracing paper and leaving a long thread. When I curled the maps up I could stuff them into the bottle and leave the tail hanging out. The thread down the spine of the map allows the map to be pulled out without getting stuck. You are so clever sometimes Miss Crafter. Why thank you Miss Crafter if you do say so yourself.


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