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Dot Fade stencil and Distress Paint

Stencil and Ink Applicator

Tim Holtz Dot Fade Stencil and Adirondack Ink Applicator

I’ve been building up layer upon layer in my wood panel paintings trying out different textures and mediums for ages. I can’t quite seem to reach a conclusion with it. For my  latest layer I tried out my new Tim Holtz Stencil by Ranger, called Dot Fade. It reminds me of the old half-tone dots in comic books. I paired it up with some Distress Paint in Wild Honey which I also had not tried before. The paint is quite fluid so in his videos Tim suggests daubing the paint on some other surface like a palette (I use ice-cream container lids) and then applying through the stencil with an ink applicator tool. The reason is that it stops the paint pooling and bleeding under the edges of the shapes in the stencil. I really enjoyed the result I got and think building lighter coloured layers on top is the way to go. Hmmm I might be back at Scottie Crafts shop to try out some more of those stencils. There really are some pretty cool, modern shapes.

Distress Paint.Wild Honey

Distress Paint.Wild Honey

dot fade stencil

dot fade stencil

Wood Panel Painting by Miss Crafter

Wood Panel Painting by Miss Crafter


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