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Framed Ancestors Finnished Piece

Framed Ancestors Finnished Piece

Good Ancestors deserve a great frame. This one was made with a Cuttlebug and a Spellbinders die.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call them ancestors, they are Aunties and Uncles most of whom I never met but I like the word ancestors for this project because the original photo is old and because I never met them it has the  same feeling for me as a photo of some previous generations. I took a photo of a photo when I was at my mother’s house and knowing there was no negative and no other copy of this old photo I wanted to preserve it in case anything happened to the original photograph. Although there are boxes of photos, my mother has never really believed in keeping albums, some seem to float randomly around the house from time to time and I worry for them. I figured out  a little while ago that best policy is just to snap a photo with my ipad mini or iphone or whatever is available and not worry too much if I don’t happen to have my good Canon camera on me. I snap when I see. Carpe diem. (Seize the day). It actually achieves quite good results due to the quality of digital cameras these days and acts as a great backup.

The project here was one of my first attempts at using the Cuttlebug. Boy was I excited to finally get my hands on one and have a go. I admit I was sceptical as to whether I needed one but now I am sold, in devotion if not through an actual cash register procedure. The one I used was a loaner but I am determined to try as many things as I can before I have to give it back to determine if I really do need one. Watch this space.

Craft mat

Cutting the card on my self healing craft mat.

Needless to say I cut out the cream frame using a Spellbinders die that both cut the frame shape and embossed the pretty pattern on the card. Then I felt I needed a contrasting colour to make it pop from a background so you could really get the benefit of the shape of the edge rather than backing it onto the same cream. I selected this brown paper from the Craft Creations card stock stack. I also used a Tim Holtz stain in Tea to give a slightly brown hue to the photo as it was a new print of an old photo it didn’t have that lovely aged tinge to it that a photo gets over time. I could have done that in Photoshop on the computer before I printed it but since I didn’t have this plan before I printed it the tea stain worked perfectly to bring it into the hue range of the cardstock. The black and white of the printed image was a little harsh without it and it is a subtle effect. I never would have thought you could or should add anything liquid to a photo but when it comes to scrapbooking I guess if you have another copy of a photo it’s time to experiment and get crazy!

I measured the width and the height of the frame and made the brown card a little wider to allow an overhang then doubled the height to create a back so it could be folded and allowed another random amount as a base for my stand. The pink mat you can see in the photo is a self healing craft mat that I got from Scottie Crafts. I can use my cutting blade and ruler on it without worrying about the cuts going through to the table or having to reposition shredded stacks of newspaper which I used to use. I love it!

Then I used the semi-circle rounded end of my ruler as a guide to cut a semi-circle as a little fold up flap in the card so that when I open it out as a stand the back of the card rests against the folded up flap and holds it in place. I did design this off the top of my head and would probably perfect it if I make it again but I was pleased enough with the result. Now the last thing to do is to go back to Mum and ask for names of the Aunties and Uncles to write somewhere in the card so these people can take a place in posterity. Sad I know that I don’t know their names off by heart but archiving now is the best way to make sure these people aren’t forgotten.


The folded up version of the framed photo. Perfect to give as a gift.

Scrapbooking tape gun

Scrapbooking tape gun


Scrappin’ Gear Self Healing Craft mat


Aerial view of foldable photo frame.


The finnished piece side-on.


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