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Ohh la la I love my Mini Mister!

mini mister

This is my mini mister at work.

Small things are not to be underestimated. Take it from the original shortie herself Miss Crafter. This Mini Mister by Ranger Inks and Tim Holtz is so handy to have and purse sized might I note. I keep mine in my pencil case which I have been known to tote in my purse. Used in conjunction with the Tim Holtz distress ink pens you can turn your drawings into watercolours so it’s a great way to work plein air or to sketch from real life in the outdoors. For those moments when you spot an interesting character in a cafe that you want to quickly sketch but then give your scribble a bit of je nais sais quoi. Or for the scrappers amoung you it’s a great way to extend the workability of your ink and get that lovely grungey water mottled, bleeding ink effect we Tim Holtz fans love so much.

Another tip for the artists is that you can keep a small brush in your pencil case along with this mini mister and then just give your brush a squirt from the mister rather than misting directly on the paper. Miss Crafter also thinks on a hot summer’s day a little spritz on the face wouldn’t go astray. Ohh la la!


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