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Christmas cards with Couture Creations

Two Christmas cards using Couture Creations embossing folders

Two Christmas cards using Couture Creations embossing folders

Craft at Christmas

In the background of this picture you can see a Couture Creations embossing folder and the edge of a Cuttlebug machine.  In the foreground you can see the results of this combination. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use both the Cuttlebug and the Couture Creations embossing folders. These were just me experimenting and using the Cuttlebug for pretty much the first time so they are no great shakes and I must admit I wasn’t super careful when measuring and cutting the card. I was too excited to slow down and do things properly! Also I had my five year old son helping and he really enjoyed cranking the Cuttlebug handle.

Step 1.

Measure your card and cut it on your Couture Creations self healing mat. It has to be no wider than the opening of the cuttlebug to fit through.

Step 2.

Fold your embossing folder around the card.

Step 3.

Make your sandwich with the appropriate plates.

Step 4.

Crank it through.

Step 5.

Result! Pull it out and marvel at how cool it looks for a bit.

Step 6.

If you like you can enhance the effect of the embossed pattern by adding some Tim Holtz distress paint or Perfect Pearls powder. You can use a Couture Creations finger sponge dauber and just brush a little product over the raised part of the design. You want kind of a dry brush effect where you are just adding a highlight or accent of the paint or pearls. It just enhances the effect of the embossing in your craft project.


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