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Pocket Scrapbooking Travel photos – Venice

pocket scrapbook venice

Final result pocket scrapbooking travel photos of Venice.

Yes Miss Crafter has been busy! And it’s only taken her what…thirteen years to get around to doing something with her travel photos.

Pocket Scrapbooking

I’ve been bitten by the Pocket Scrapbooking  bug and the way it just makes the goal achievable. You only have to commit to doing one page at a time and I think it’s the non-comittal way you can slide photos in then rearrange them and the journal cards if you need to that makes it a perfect system for an indecision freak like me.

Step one: Pick a general theme for your layout. Mine was a few photos from a canal ride in Venice more or less in sequence. You can always change it later so the trick here is to get started and don’t allow  indecision to ride you.

journal cards layout

Check the overall balance of the spread and colour the cards to tone together.

Step two: Select some journal cards (mine were We R Memory Keepers “Captured”) try out different arrangements and options by just placing them on top of the pockets and moving them around. You are looking for balance and harmony of colours, patterns and theme.

Recolouring journal cards

Recolouring journal cards to fit your theme.

Step three: Tone journal cards in with your theme. At first I was a little worried that journal cards might be an expensive option but  now that I’ve discovered how easy they are to recolour using different media I’ve realised you can get a lot of use of out one set. I had a little trouble with this one card as I started out with Tim Holtz mustard seed distress inks and it just popped off the page too much. I managed to tone it down with distress stain, distress paint (wild honey), distress ink (rusty hinge) and a quick spritz with my mini mister to allow the inks to bleed in an appealing watercolour way.

I had chosen this diamond pattern card because I  thought it was quite Venetian but it just needed to become more sepia, less pink to work with my Venice theme and the colour of  the buildings in the photos. This worked a treat with getting all four cards in the line to tone together.

kaisercraft stamp

Kaisercraft Now Boarding stamp and some parcel string.

Step four: Add some embellishments if you have time. Here’s the other great thing about pocket scrapbooking. Embellishments are optional but really how can you resist, right? You could always just make the arrangement and leave the embellishing to a later point in life when you have more time but I do find it’s acheiveable to just do the odd thing and it’s really all you need. Less is more as the cards have done some of the work for you.

In the above photo I used the Kaisercraft stamp set from the ‘Now Boarding’ range which is perfect for travel scrapbooking and even though I’m a bit skint this week  I couldn’t resist nabbing this product in case it sold out. I also splurged on Kaisercraft ‘Now Boarding’ papers, stickers and paper stack because…well it all goes together doesn’t it so you can’t stop at one item. I used the already cutout “Paradise is found” embellishment and then actually trimmed down a piece of the striped, spot glossed paper to go behind it. I know what your’e thinking, “Miss Crafter why didn’t you place it in that lovely little spot of white space in your photo instead of at the bottom partially covering up the details of the picture?” And you are very astute for noticing that. The answer is I did but I didn’t stick anything to the photo because it’s my only copy and I have no negative or digital version. It slipped without me noticing before I took the  photo. Yes it’s kind of a commitment issue that I didn’t stick it down yet. You got me. Miss Crafter busted.

The result. Bellisimo!

final pocket spread

The final spread of Venice pocket scrapbooking.


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