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Leather Earrings – Martha Stewart Punch

So it turns out a Martha Stewart Punch does go through leather and I finally made a pair of earrings I really like. I’ve been wanting to make jewelry for the longest time but the few attempts I’ve made haven’t been that great to be honest. I am quietly impressed with my latest effort however.


A pair of leather earrings made by Miss Crafter of Crafterlala

I used the Martha Stewart one inch round hole punch and although it is a bit of struggle I managed to get it to punch through leather. The secret being to give it a little rotate and second punch at the end before you pull it out. That way if the blade is a little blunter in one area it will compensate.

leather material

A roll of burgundy leather from Scottie Crafts store

martha stewart punch

Martha Stewart one inch round punch


punching through leather

Martha Stewart punch out of the packet and punching leather

I embossed the leather using a Couture Creations embossing folder called “Endless” which has a variety of little leaves. By placing the cut out circle of leather in place behind one leaf and cellotaping it in place then running it through a cuttlebug. I had to improvise to figure out my sandwich and ran it back and forth to get a nice deep impression.

endless emboss folder

Couture Creations “Endless” embossing folder

There was quite a bit of experimentation going on after that I can tell you when it came to figuring out the best arrangement of products to highlight the embossed leaf. I ended up using a bit of copper liquid pearls just rubbed on with my finger and some perfect pearls powder. Then sealed the whole lot with glossy accents or modge podge.

Glossy accents versus modge podge

Glossy accents versus modge podge


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