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Spellbinders fancy tag – cut, emboss, stencil

Spellbinders Fancy Tag Jar

Spellbinders Fancy Tag Jar

This is the process of using a Spellbinders Shapeabilities die to first cut a label shape, then run it through the cuttlebug again to emboss it, then stencil through it with other media. I made the mistake of taking the shape out of the die after I cut it then realised I had to put it back in to emboss it. If you open up the cardboard inside the spellbinders packaging there are very thorough instructions for the sandwich you need to go through the machine. You need to read it carefully to change it for the embossing step. I tried to rush through and then realised I had it wrong. I then used distress ink to stencil a vignette around the edges and later stamped the word beautiful in the middle. I then poured gold embossing powder on the word beautiful but made the mistake of not letting the distress ink vignette dry first. It’s one of those partly serrendipidous mistakes because I quite like the effect of the gold vignette but it has made the word beautiful a little unclear and hard to read. Other than that I was happy with the result and I think the next one will be even better.

Spellbinders Fancy tag

Spellbinders Fancy tag in packaging

measuring cardboard DSCF5419 (1)

measuring cardboard to go through cuttlebug

Cuttlebug sandwich DSCF5420 (1)

Cuttlebug sandwich for cutting with spellbinders die

Spellbinders packet DSCF5422 (1)

Inside the Spellbinders packet shows you the sandwich needed.

Cutting with the cuttlebug DSCF5424 (1)

Cutting with the cuttlebug

cornfork pick DSCF5426 (1)

Using a cornfork as a tool to push out the shape

fancy tag cut outDSCF5428 (1)

The fancy tag cut out

sandwich for embossing DSCF5430 (1)

Change the sandwich for embossing, two b plates and a tan mat

die on tan mat DSCF5431

Fancy tag and die on tan mat

mini blending tool DSCF5432 (1)

Distress ink with round mini blending tool

Blending tool through die DSCF5434

Blending tool through die

Distress paint through stencil die DSCF5435

Distress paint through stencil die

embossing powder on stamped word

embossing powder on stamped word

Tag stamped and embossed DSCF5440

Tag stamped and embossed

Beautiful daughter -Spellbinders fancy tag

Beautiful daughter -Spellbinders fancy tag


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