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Today was a good day – Pocket Scrap

pocket card

today was a good day pocket card

The card said it “Today was a good day” and I chose that card from the pack because not unlike a tarrot card or horroscope there’s a kind one size fits all theme approach that just works a lot of the time with pocket scrapbooking cards. I had chosen a selection of photos of my baby girl, who is rapidly growing, from a backlog of photos waiting to be dealt with. They were just general day to day photos from the phase when I was at home with her all day every day and the activity mat was as far as she got. These days she’s rocketing around the house having mastered the art of walking so there’s noticeably less time to scrap. Especially since she has discovered the joys of my art room and likes to sit up at the desk and have access to all my gear! It’s easier just to stay away which is a shame.

However rare moment to create was seized and so I made the most of it. I cut two blank Becky Higgins pocket cards and the sentiment card down to the size of the square pockets in the centre line of the pocket page I’d chosen. I cut all three at once to ensure the sizes matched. Then I stamped one figure on each of the cards with a stamp from the Kaisercraft collection. I wanted to try a new idea of dotting Distress Marker dots on the page then misting them with water to see the result but of course before I could finish Little Miss found out where I’d been hiding and before long I had her up on my lap “helping out”. Little miss decided to add some scribbles to my pocket card as she loves taking the lids off the distress markers, doing a little scribble then putting the lid back on. I have her trainned in that at least! I could have grabbed it away from her but I decided to let her co-create. After all it was a page about her and I kind of liked the idea of letting her help decorate the page about her younger self. So she scribbled and I dotted and then I misted.  I quite liked the result of both after all. The scribbles added an authentic childlike energy to the layout and the dots worked well too.

I already had a couple of mini mister’s by ranger lying about with green and blue distress ink in them watered down so when I misted over my stamps and markers it bleed a watercolour effect onto the cardboard. Then I simply let it dry and hey presto, one more day was scrapped. It was a good day after all – perhaps the first of many co-creating with my Little Miss Crafter – the pocket card knew it’s stuff!

pocket scrap layout 4

pocket scrap layout 4


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