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Give me some space – but not too much!


Every Monday my (now one and a half year old) daughter and I get to hang out together. It’s our only day of the week alone together and I have dubbed it Ruby Mummy day because it kind of rolls off the tongue. The other days she goes to creche and I try to get some freelance work to help bring home the bacon. So my one day with my baby is pretty special to me and woe betide anyone who trys to get in the way of it. You can join us you just can’t get in the way of us having fun together!

I decided to scrap a page, the pocket way, still all I have time for I’m afraid in honour of our day because I thought one day I might look back and feel guilty that I didn’t spend enough time with my daughter. The mind can play tricks on us and we can forget so I thought I should enshrine the tradition and give myself a get-out-of-guilt-jail-free card. I was eager to try my new Kaisercraft lettering stamps in this fancy font but was dismayed to find that when I first stamped with them (see the image below) the letter spacing or what we in the trade call kerning was all out of whack! It was way too spaced out to be acceptable to a fussy typographer so I had to Macgyver it. I took to the little jelly letters with my scalpel and trimmed some of the excess plastic off to allow the letters to bump up closer to each other and thus manually  decreasing the kerning. I had to have a few attempts and although it wasn’t possible to get them really close like joined up writing it eventually looked less weird and I was satisfied.

This is my tip to share with you today, to be conscious of the fact that the  spacing between the letters is important and to feel that it’s ok to mess with a pre-made product to improve it. I’m sure heaps of you scrappers out there already know this but for those of you who hadn’t thought of messing with a stamp I here-by give you premission. Miss Crafter says “Mutilate that jelly!” Just maybe don’t try it on your favourite end-of-line stamp first.


Kaiser craft letter stamps on Tim Holtz acrylic grid block and the stamped result underneath.


Cutting the stamps with a scalpel.


Original spacing/kerning at top, modified versions in middle and bottom.


The final page layout. Not a masterpiece but ok for a quick pocket scrap.



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