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Scrapping on the other side

I had been sidestepping a small challenge. What to do with the other side of the scrapbook pockets. Every time I looked through my album it was spoiling the experience that I had left the backside of all the pockets empty because I thought it would be hard to fill them up. I don’t know why. It was silly really. I just thought it was kind of restricting and it was just something I had to get over. So I challenged myself to scrap the back of a pocket page and I’m so pleased I did. Another irrational fear conquered.


Side by side a pocket scrapbook album spread

You might recognise the page on the right from a previous post. The scrap on the left is the new one done on the back of the “too cute” scrap I did also in a previous post. The bottom piece of card had a metallic front and had been embossed with a leaf pattern so I rubbed some Tim Holtz stain over the back of the card and then used an applicator tool with some distress ink from an inkpad and it came up great over the emboss.


Close up of some cut up handwritten text for a scrapbook pocket

I carried on the  same  colour scheme again using the Tim Holtz stain on the back of the top card. To tie the colour scheme together I wrote little phrases to describe the unrelated photos onto a pocket scrap journal card in a colour that toned in with the central piece and then cut them up and used dimensional foam tape to stick them to the journal cards on jaunty angles. Gotta love a jaunty angle or two. I used my Tim Holtz distress markers in chipped sapphire to write the words.

To get the central piece I took out the piece from the other side of the layout and used it to match the side I cut from a different piece of patterned paper. I could have taped them together to make sure they didn’t move around and expose the white from the other side of the card but it didn’t seem to be necessary. I’m quite happy with the effect of tying all the colours in by using the same colours on the top and bottom and on all the text cards because the middle pattern was so busy I didn’t want to add too much.

Yay I’m over the hump. I’ve scrapped the other side and now there’s no going back.


Finished pocket scrapbook page


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