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Keepsake pockets are keepers

keepsake pocket packaged

Here’s what a keepsake pocket from we r memory keepers looks like in package still.

I have had these little beauties on my shelf for a while or up my sleeve choose your metaphor…but no literally on my shelf. As we all know beauty does not deserve to be shelved forever nor do my pockets or keepsakes for that matter! I had intended to use them for putting all those adorable but bumpy baby’s first items in like “baby’s first booties” or those cute birth cards from the hospital with cupids and glitter they used to give in the 70’s grrrr where was my daughter’s. (Note to self: make your own.) Hmmm what else…locket of hair from first haircut (hasn’t had one yet two years later more notes to self: groom child) what else… ankle bracelet from hospital…first diaper…nah just kidding! You get the idea.

I will get around to all that one day but to start work on an older project I decided to use a keepsake pocket to finally make use of some keepsakes from the one ton bag of pamplets, tickets, maps and so forth I made my husband (at the time boyfriend) pay extra freight to ship back after our big O.E. what fourteen years ago now…yeesh! How time flies. I thought you might like to see what a keepsake pocket looks like when in use so you can decide if it’s worth a splash of cash. They clip into your pocket scrapbook folder just like your plastic sleeves and have a little pocket on the front so you can title or list the contents.


Here’s what a keepsake pocket looks like empty.

I had great fun going through a plastic bag of paraphenalia from Austria and Germany and finding tickets from our visit to castles Neuswhenstein and Shwangau (snowballs chance in hell I’ve spelt either of those correctly!) I’m glad I kept all that stuff because my memory for dates and well details can be a bit shocking and it was handy to find all these till receipts with not just the date we were at certain gallery’s or events but the time as well and the names of hotels we stayed at! One day I’ll be able to piece together a little itinarary of where we went on what days. I know who cares right? The point is my husband and I do and now with these pockets we’ll be able to reminisce pleasantly instead of staring at the giant bag shoved in the corner and thinking “I must get around to sorting that one day.” Pocket scrapbooking I love you, you make little steps possible.

keepsake pocket filled front

Here’s what a keepsake pocket looks like from the front once filled.

keepsake pocket filled back

Here’s what a keepsake pocket looks like from the back once filled.





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