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You’re sweet! Valentines Day DIY.


paper craft package

Home made chocolate, with paper craft package

Ok so it’s not the world’s slickest crafting job or the best baking for that matter (I do what I can while Ms Nearly Two sleeps) but it’s the thought that counts on Valentines Day. I’m a bit short on funds so I had to make something for Hubby. These Coconut bites covered in chocolate taste a lot like bounty bars and you can find the recipe in Emma Galloway’s recipe book “My Darling Lemon Thyme”. It’s full of great recipes that use sweetening alternatives like brown rice syrup and we all know dark chocolate is good for us right?!

The package is made from American Craft card stock and I used a Tim Hotlz picket fence marker to write in white on the red. Perfect for Valentines Day DIY.


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